Welcome to Freemasonry

On behalf of Most Worshipful the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of India, we welcome you to the Masonic Fraternity and O congratulate you on joining our ancient and honourable institution. Ancient undoubtedly it is, having existed from times immemorial and as you were told during the ceremony of your initiation, honourable it must be acknowledged to be, since it makes all those so, who follow its precepts. We are all the more encouraged to welcome you in our midst because, you freely and voluntarily offered yourself as a candidate for the privileges of Freemasonry and also asserted that you did so, unbiased by improper solicitations from friends against your own inclinations and uninfluenced by mercenary, or other unworthy motives. You also assured us that you were prompted to seek those privileges, by a favourable opinion of the Institution, a desire for knowledge and a sincere wish to be more extensively serviceable to your fellowmen.

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