The First Floor of the Building houses a branch of the General Williams Polyclinic, which offers facilities like Dentistry, Physiotherapy, blood collection etc. The Second Floor is home to the Masonic Temple, which was recently completely refurbished by the Region and contributions from Brethren, at a cost of more than 10 lacs. A lift has also now been installed.The current RGM has greater plans for this Center and plans for complete revamping of the structure are in the process of finalisation. An artists conception of the building is given here.

Amrit Masonic School

SCHOOL BRIEF :  Amrit Masonic school is a day school cum rehabilitation center,  catering to academic, social, vocational and functional rehabilitation of students with single or multiple disabilities ranging from 1 year to 45 years of age run by the Amrit Masonic Spastic Society which is a Part of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India. The school was incorporated in the year 2000 and is registered under the Societies Act. It is a charitable organization run by the support of corporate as well as private donations. All donations to the school are eligible for tax relief under Section 80 – G of the income tax act 1961. According to the RCI guidelines and taking into account the total space and staff, the strength of the students is maintained between 50 and 0. At present the strength is 50. We try to accommodate the overflow of about 10 more students during the afternoon and evening OPD sessions. Students include both intellectually as well as physically challenged children.

At AMS we follow the motto ‘EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN’. Students are primarily categorized under two headings :- 1. Educable. 2. Trainable The Educable students from 0 – 6 years of age come under the Early Intervention section. In this section the teaching methodologies are modified for every student. At the beginning of the academic year IEP’s or Individual Education Plans are formulated. An IEP outlines the goals to be achieved. These annual goals are broken down further into semester goals and meticulous records are kept.

Rehabilitation services:- Even with the best medical care our students need regular rehabilitation services to function optimally. To provide these services we have an experienced team of remediation professionals. In addition to Special Education, the other services offered at the school are:

1. Assessment
2. Early Intervention services
3. Family Counselling
4. Medical Counselling and facilitation
5. Occupational Therapy
6. Physiotherapy
7. Sports in collaboration with
Special Olympics, Bharat
8. Speech and Communication Therapy
9. Behavior Modification and ABA
10. ADL, IADL and Social skills Training
11. Pre-vocational and vocational training
12. Certifications through Open Schooling
13. Sheltered Workshops
14. Parent Workshops
15. Day Boarding
16. Internships for special needs adults