Lodges of Instructions

Lodges of Instructions

Lodges of Instructions (LOI’s) provides opportunity to brethren, particularly the active officers & Master Masons, to learn ritual working, decorum & masonic procedures from senior & experienced masons in semi-formal atmosphere. These make the attendance in lodges a more enjoyable experience. And as the Lodges become more vibrant, they also help improve attendance & membership.

In addition to Ritual working the LOI’s help brethren in the to learn and teach the symbols, emblems, beautiful phrases and words, to deliver lectures in degree workings with proper punctuations, practice the Installation Ceremonies and standardize the ritual working etc, under the guidance of senior & experienced brethren who are appointed or elected by a lawfully constituted Authority under the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India.

The LOI’s also organize workshops, lectures & seminars on masonic subjects and charity.

The Northern Region is promoting the LOI’s in various Centres all over the Region. Delhi has two operational LOI’s (Janpath & Qudsia Gardens) to cater to more than 60 lodges (51 at Janpath & 9 at Qudsia Gardens) in the city. Apart from Craft Degree, there are Chapters of Instructions as well as Mark Lodges of Instructions also.

Roving Lodges of Instructions

While Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad & Chandigarh have multiple number of Lodges, most of other cities have 1-3 Lodges (most of them with only one Lodge) per city. This is not sufficient to warrant a LOI dedicated to the city. Based on the number of Lodges and the traveling distance between the cities following Areas/Centers for the concept of Roving Lodges of Instructions (RLOI’s) has been introduced. The teams of Preceptors/Dy Preceptors and Mentors visit various cities under the particular RLOI and hold meetings for Instructions in our Craft.

Three RLOI’s were inaugurated in year 2019. These are Agra RLOI (covering the cities of Agra, Jhansi, Aligarh, Moradabad & Mathura), LAK RLOI (covering the cities of Lucknow, Allahabad & Kanpur), Dehradun RLOI (covering the cities of Dehradun, Mussourie, Saharanpur, Yamuna Nagar, Roorkee, Meerut & Muzaffar Nagar). Two other – Punjab RLOI and Chandigarh RLOI are expected to be inaugurated shortly.

The details of these Lodges are given below, any Brethren may contact them and attend their meetings.


Lodge Address Preceptor Phone Secretary Phone
Delhi Lodge of Instruction No. 1 Freemasons Hall, Janpath, New Delhi R.W.Bro.Puneet Sohal 9810073766 V.W.Bro.Vijyant Singh Chauhan 9810019408
Qudsia Lodge of Instruction No. 2 Freemasons’ Hall, Qudsia Bagh, Jamna Road, Delhi W.Bro.M.L.Sethi 9212226768 W.Bro.OmKapoor 9811074316
Agra Roving Lodge of Instruction No. 3 Freemasons’ Hall 112, Taj Road Agra R.W.Bro.Porus Debara 9837022123 W.Bro.Mahender N. Gupta 9837701909
Dehradun Roving Lodge of Instruction No. 4 Freemasons’ Hall 18, Beacher Rd, Cantt, Dehradun R.W.Bro.Pramode Sawhney 9627046849 W.Bro.Sanjay Pahwa 7830074300
LAK (Lucknow, Allahabad & Kanpur) Roving LOI No. 5 Freemasons’ Hall 2-B, Kutcherry Road Prayagraj R.W.Bro.Deepak Ahuja 9839102078 R.W.Bro.R.K.Agarwal 9839068948


Lodge Address Preceptor Phone Secretary Phone
Delhi Chapter of Instructions no. 1 Freemasons Hall, Janpath, New Delhi R.W. Bro. Gurinder Singh 9810450700 W. Bro. Sanjeev Rattan 9897600006


Lodge Address Preceptor Phone Secretary Phone
Delhi Mark Lodge of Instructions no. 1 Freemasons Hall, Janpath, New Delhi R.W. Bro. K.S. Rekhi 9811011199 W. Bro. Sanjeev Rattan 9897600006


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