Good architecture creates spaces that have a strong emotional effect on the users and, while fulfilling the practical & expressive requirements, it enables the inhabitants to perform their duties & activities with maximum efficiency. At the same time the experience of the users/beneficiaries is enhanced.

RW Bro A K Sharma, RW the Regional Grand Master of Northern India has always been a firm believer of this ideology. Ever since he assumed the charge as the head of the Region, he has laid great emphasize on improving the architecture of various masonic properties in the Region. The temples in New Delhi & NOIDA, General Williams Masonic Polyclinic and the Masonic Eye Centre at Janpath have already been renovated during his tenure.

The latest project is the Amrit Masonic Special School (AMSS), run by the Amrit Masonic Spastics Society, in the Noida Masonic Centre in Sector 29, NOIDA. The school runs special classes along with Occupational therapy, Speech therapy & Physiotherapy for the Spastic and other special need children. There are 54 children. The newly renovated Centre is expected to attract more children.

The newly developed Centre was inaugurated on Thursday, 18th March 2021 by MW Bro H P Mathur, OSM, MW the Past Grand Master in the presence of RW Bro AK
Sharma, RW the Regional Grand Master (NI), RW Bro Ajit Kumar Shaha, RW  Grand Master (EI), RW Bro Subhash Mahajan (Vice President – AMSS), RW
Bro P K Sharma (Hony. Secretary – AMSS), Mrs Jaspreet Kaur (Principal of school), students & teachers of the School, many non-masons and the brethren from Noida & New Delhi.

As part of renovation works the façade has got a new & elegant look. Boundary wall/gates have been totally revamped with proper signages. External flooring has been changed.

Additional space has been carved out on the 1st floor for 3 new class rooms with an independent internal staircase. Lift has been provided for comfortable and barrier-free movement to the Polyclinic and the Masonic Temple on the 1st & 2nd floors respectively. The new soothing colour scheme inside the Centre has been carefully selected so as to make the children with special needs comfortable. A fully developed computer room with new computers has been added. Principal’s room and all Class rooms have been renovated and provided with new furniture.

The Occupational Therapy Room has now got a pucca roof and has been given a new look. Speech Therapy & Early Intervention Rooms have been added on the ground floor. Additional class-rooms have been created on the first floor. 2 new toilets have been added and old toilets have been renovated. Some important rooms have air-conditioners, while in others provision for future has been made.

Amrit Masonic Spastic Society under-took the renovations under the guidance of RW Bro AK Sharma, RW the Regional Grand Master & the President (AMSS) and with very active participation of RW Bro P K Sharma, the Hony. Secretary (AMSS) and Mrs Jaspreet Kaur, Principal.

The financial support for the renovations came from Regional Grand Lodge’s Fund of Benevolence, Freemasons from UK (members of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India), Gen William’s Masonic Polyclinic, The Fraternity Club, Lodge lndus no. 284, Lodge Raisina Hill no. 322, Lodge East & West no. 127, Lodge Raisina no. 97, Lodge King Solomon no. 389, Lodge Takht-I-Suleman no. 65, Lodge HH The Nawab of Rampur no. 178, Lodge Nawab of Rampur no. 178 and Lodge Sunder Heera no. 119.

RW Bro Gurinder Singh has supplied & installed the lift free of cost. RW Bro Subhash Malik and RW Bro Erik Illig, both of whom are always forthcoming with their financial support for charitable cause, have contributed handsomely.

Some non-masons were also motivated and made valuable contributions. M/s. Huber Suhner Electronics Pvt. Ltd. donated Rs 3.00 lakhs, Mr Parveen Goyal, Chairman – Saurav Chemicals Ltd., donated all external doors & windows, external GRC panel work worth Rs 2.50 lakhs, Goel family of Noida supplied computers worth about Rs 2.00 lakhs and AFC Systems provided all chairs free of cost.

The new look Noida Masonic Centre, with Amrit Masonic Special School on ground floor, Gen. Williams Masonic Polyclinic on the first floor and the Freemasons Hall on the 2nd floor is now a complete Masonic Centre in NOIDA, in the neighbourhood of New Delhi. With all these facilities now available to them, the Brethren of Noida can now practice the Masonic Virtues and benefit the society more effectively.