Renovation of main Temple, Freemasons' Hall, Janpath


On Monday, 5th April 2021 MW Bro HP Mathur, OSM, MW the past Grand Master and RW Bro AK Sharma, RW the Regional Grand Master opened the doors of the newly renovated Temple on the first floor of the Freemasons Hall, Janpath. On entering the temple MW Bro HP Mathur was so stuck with its beauty that he spontaneously raised his hands and exclaimed – “O Wonderful Masons” to RW Bro AK Sharma & his team and the interior designer – Ms Urvashi Sohal, for their work. The temple will be officially dedicated to Freemasons of New Delhi by MW the Grand Master sometime later this month. In the meantime the Lodges can start holding their meetings.​Apart from this, they are very active in all aspects of Charity, and two very special projects are highlighted here.

Built in the 1930’s, the Freemason’s Hall on Janpath has seen many faces and with each, gone through many phases. A unified identity, that one and all could revel in, has been missing. While it was imperative to refit the temple with new age technology and assistance to deal with certain underlying issues, it was equally important to create an experience of regality for every Freemason that stepped into the Temple. Keeping these needs in mind along with the design sensibilities of the 1930’s, we created a space that reflects the grandeur and ethos of Freemasonry. In its new avatar the temple now has new acoustic paneling with a colour scheme that highlights
the gold embellished regal columns. These, along with golden chandeliers, wall lights and ceiling fans with lights, give a majestic look. The original marble chequered pavement has been strengthened & restored and given mirror polish. The temple now has a new 16 ton air conditioning unit which is sure to give optimum comfort to the brethren attending the meetings. This project has won the appreciation of several dignitaries who have visited the facility, including members of the judiciary and human rights groups.    

The main lobby on entering the first floor through the winding stairs has been given a new look and is now called HALL OF FAME.

Teak wood paneling has been added, the fireplace has been restored to its original look, the decades old mosaic flooring has been restored & polished and new regal furniture has been provided. The front wall adorns the square & compasses, the replicas of the banners of the Grand Lodge & the Regional Grand Lodge and the portraits of MW Bro Rajiv R Khandelwal, OSM, MW the Grand Master & RW Bro AK Sharma, RW the Regional Grand Master. The left and right walls adorn the portraits of past Grand Masters and Regional Grand Masters respectively. Original and antique Organ has been restored and placed in the centre of the left wall.

On the whole the renovations undertaken by the Masonic Fraternity of New Delhi under the guidance of RW Bro AK Sharma, and funded by Regional Grand Lodge, Lodge East and West no 127, Fraternity Club and others, is sure to give pleasant experience to the Freemasons visiting the first floor. We wish them happy and fruitful meetings.