Secretaries of all Mark Lodges and Scribes of all R.A.M Lodges in Northern Region

Dear Sir & R/V/W/Bro.,

As per the present system of submission of Annual Returns of Mark and R.A.M Lodges, the returns are being submitted separately to the Regional Grand Mark Lodge of Northern India and Grand Mark Lodge of India.

Most of the Mark and R.A.M Lodges are sending the returns through Regional Grand Mark Lodge of Northern India but some Lodges are submitting the same directly. In such cases it is difficult to track whether the return have been submitted to the Grand Mark Lodge of Mark Master Masons of India or not.

You are hereby instructed that all returns, being submitted to Grand Mark Lodge of India directly, should have a copy marked to the Region.

With Greetings

Yours Fraternally

Ashok Sharma

Regional Grand Secretary

Cc: Lodge Incharges