Secretaries of all Craft/Mark Lodges in Northern Region

Scribes of all R.A.M Lodges in Northern Region

Scribe’Es of all R.A.Chapters in Northern Region

Subject: Ritual Working Competition

Dear Sir & R/V/W/Bro/M/E/Comp.,

It has come to the notice of the Region that some Lodges/Chapters deliberately avoid participation in Ritual Working Competition and avoid inspection of records. R.W.Bro. Anish Kumar Sharma, R.W.The Regional Grand Master/ M.E. The Grand Superintendent/ R.W.The Regional Grand Mark Master has therefore asked me to inform you that participation in Ritual Working Competition and getting records inspected is MANDATORY. No Lodge/Chapter is expected to avoid this.

If you find any difficulty in compliance with the above kindly inform the Regional Grand Lodge so that appropriate assistance/arrangement can be made.

We are confident that you will cooperate with the Regional Grand Lodge in this regard.

With Greetings

Ashok Sharma

Regional Grand Secretary/Scribe’E