All Secretaries of Craft, Mark and RAM Lodge and Scribe ‘E’ of RA Chapters

Subject: Universal Brotherhood Day – 2020

Dear Brethren/ Companions,

We have been celebrating Universal Brotherhood Day on 24th June every year. However, seeing to the present pandemic situation, RW the Regional Grand Master desires that this year the Lodges, individually or collectively with other Lodges in the Area/city, celebrate the Universal Brotherhood Day in following ways:

  1. Lodges may hold informal virtual meetings where the families may also be invited to attend.
  2. Reports on the Relief works done by the Lodges/individuals for the benefit of the affected as well as the Corona Warriors may be shared.
  3. The charity work done by the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India with the assistance of the Lodges and brethren of the Northern Region may be shared. The soft copy of the presentation – North Mason Cares, shall be shared with you shortly.
  4. Motivational talks, Quiz etc. could be organized.
  5. Any charity work may be undertaken but with due care and precautions and in line with the guidelines & regulations issued by the local administration.

Note: The official UBD celebrations of the Regional Grand Lodge shall be held in the virtual format on 24th June 2020 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm which shall be accessible for all the brethren to join. Lodges may schedule their program accordingly. The detailed programme shall be shared shortly.

With Greetings

Yours Fraternally

(Ashok Sharma)

Regional Grand Secretary