Tele‐consultation through WhatsApp for COVID‐19 Cases

What services are provided under this scheme?

  1. Providing tele-consultation for covid-19 related problems to Freemasons from the NCR Delhi, their parents, spouses, children with spouses, grandchildren and family members, using telephonic modality on WhatsApp calling with prior appointment only in the allocated time slots, so far possible.
  2. Providing follow up as needed with prior appointment only.
  3. No video conferencing/ consultation or in-person consultation/ examination is provided.

How to proceed with tele-consultation?

  1. The person desirous of taking the consultation must call or send a WhatsApp message to the registration executive, at the central dedicated WhatsApp number 89203 67979 requesting for scheduling the appointment with a particular doctor/ time slot & provide the details of the case at least a day prior to the required consultation between 8.00AM and 7.00PM:
    1. Name of the patient
    2. Age and gender of the patient
    3. Relationship to a freemason with Name of the Freemason, Lodge Name & No.
    4. Chief complaints with duration of each
    5. Any recent medical reports, treatment papers etc.
    6. Mentioning of any co-morbid medical conditions like Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, other significant medical problems etc.
  2. Please do not call the doctor(s) directly. Do not send the message directly to the doctor(s) for the appointment.
  3. There is provision for same day consultation scheduling also, but only in extremely urgent cases.
  4. You will receive a message from the doctor with schedule for the consultation on the WhatsApp number provided. Please promptly provide any additional information/ records etc that the doctor demands to better understand the disease process.
  5. On the scheduled date & time of consultation, you will receive a call from your doctor on the registered WhatsApp number at the appointed time (+-). Please do not keep this phone engaged around the allocated time slot for ease of connectivity. In case phone is not reachable, consultation shall be re-scheduled for later available time slot. Do not call doctor’s number or send messages directly for appointment(s).
  6. Doctor shall talk to patient/ attendant, understand medical concerns & problems, suggest solutions & then provide a prescription as needed to the same WhatsApp number.
  7. Total consultation time is between 10-15 minutes, including writing & communicating the prescription to the patient & clarification of the doubts etc.
  8. The consultation shall be deemed to be closed after this activity. No further telephonic/written/whatsapp communication shall be entertained by the doctor after the close of the given consultation, except in unusual conditions/ circumstances.
  9. It shall be the responsibility of the patient to rebook & reconfirm the follow-up consultation slot a day prior to the appointment, following the same steps as from #1 above.
  10. This service is meant only for freemasons. Please do not refer your friends, relatives or employees/ staff for this service. Do not forward this message to non-freemasons.

Registration Executive. Ms. Sanjna
Mobile: 9868815994


Doctors’ Availability For COVID‐19 Consultation‐ For Freemasons Only
  Doctor Days Time
1 Dr. Ashish K. Gupta (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) 2.00‐3.00 PM
2 Dr. Raj Kamal Agarwal All Days Appointment by Doctor
3 Dr. Pushpinder Sachdeva All Days 5.00‐7.00 PM
4 Dr. Jitender Manchanda All Days 6.00‐7.00 PM
5 Dr. Neelabh All Days 2.30‐3.30 PM & 8‐10 PM
6 Dr. (Mrs). Preeti Manchanda All Days 6.00‐7.00 PM
7 Dr. Arun Nayyar All Days 6.00 to 8.00 PM
8 Dr. Rohit K Singla (Ludhiana) All Days 3.00 to 4.00 PM