RGL-525/2023                                                        Dated 13th March, 2023

Circular No.84/2023


All the Secretaries of Craft Lodges of

Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India

Dear Sir & R./V./ W. Bro .,

​The meeting of Regional Board of General Purposes approved the amendments to the bye laws  No.67 (a)(iv) by amending the Half Yearly subscription for each member of the Lodge to Rs.375/- (Yearly Rs.750/-).

The said amendment was subsequently approved in the Annual Meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge on 11th February, 2023.

The said amendment has also been approved by the Grand Master.

Hence, for the Half Yearly, Subscription for each member of the Lodge shall be Rs.375/- from Half Yearly returns for the June 2023 onwards.  

It may also be noted that Regional Grand Lodge which earlier were charging Rs.80/- as Host Lodge Charges will no longer be payable.

With regards

Yours fraternally,

Subhash Mahajan

Regional Grand Secretary