RGL-69/94/124/410/460                                                                                          Dated: 23rd February, 2023

Circular No. 82/2023

All the Secretaries of Craft & Mark Lodges

All the Scribe of RAM Lodges

All the Scribe’E of R.A.Chapters

Dear Sir & R/V/W/Bro.,

The following brethren/companions were served notices under Rule No. 124 of Book of Constitutions for non-payment of dues but have not cleared their dues till date.

1. Bro. Atul Kr Saxena Lodge Indraprastha No. 124 23. Bro. Aman Garg Lodge H H The Nawab of Rampur No.178
2. Bro. Devendra Giri —–Do—– 24. Bro. Anil Kumar Mittra —–Do—–
3. Bro. Dinesh Atre —–Do—– 25. Bro. Ashok Harjani —–Do—–
4. Bro. Ikrant Sharma —–Do—– 26. Bro. Prathik Bugnait —–Do—–
5. Bro. Santosh Vaish —–Do—– 27. Bro. Aditya Vij Lodge Delhi North No. 426
6. Bro. Abhishek Jain Lodge Elysium No. 69 28. Bro. Amit Khurana —–Do—–
7. Bro. Sushil K Gupta —–Do—– 29. Bro. Ashok Kumar —–Do—–
8. Bro. Arun Seth —–Do—– 30. Bro. Avdesh Giri Goswami —–Do—–
9. Bro. Anand Sabharwal —–Do—– 31. Bro. Dheeraj Narula Rana —–Do—–
10. Bro. Ripan Bansal Lodge Phulkian No. 94 32. Bro. Dinesh Kr. Singh —–Do—–
11. Bro. Naveen Bansal —–Do—– 33. Bro. Jitender Singh —–Do—–
12. Bro. Azim Hussain Laskar Lodge Dillee No.410 34. Bro. Kanwaljit Singh Sabharwal —–Do—–
13. Bro. Chandra Bhushan Prasad —–Do—– 35. Bro. Manjit Singh —–Do—–
14. Bro. Kartikeya Vajpai —–Do—– 36. Bro. Pravin Sachdeva —–Do—–
15. Bro. Naresh Chahar —–Do—– 37. Bro. Ravinder Chadha —–Do—–
16. Bro. Naveen Maniktaliya —–Do—– 38. Bro. Suman Kr. Khanna —–Do—–
17. Bro. Rajiv Narain —–Do—– 39. Bro. Sumit Bhardwaj —–Do—–
18. Bro. Sunil Yadav —–Do—– 40. Bro. Vijay Goel —–Do—–
19. Bro. Varun Jamwal —–Do—– 41. Bro. Yoginder Vij —–Do—–
20. Bro. Rajesh Singh Tomar —–Do—–      
21. Bro. KK Singh Lodge Rajputana No. 460      
22. Bro. Vikas Bodani —–Do—–      

Their Lodges have ceased them from the membership of the Lodges.

In line with Rule No. 124 of Book of Constitutions, these brethren cease to be a member of all Lodges recognized under the Grand Lodge of India as well as from all Mark/R.A.M Lodges and R.A.Chapters. This fact may be read in the second rising of the next meeting of your Lodges.

With Greetings

Subhash Mahajan

Regional Grand Secretary