RGL-525/2023                                                                                                     Dated 24th January 2023

Circular No.75

Worshipful Masters and Secretaries Daughter Craft Lodges/Mark Lodges Principal Z/Scribe E of Daughter Chapters

Dear Sir and RW/VW/W Brother,

Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India will hold a Workshop for Worshipful Masters, Secretaries, Treasurers and Directors of Ceremonies of all Craft/Mark Lodges and PZ, Scribe E, Treasurer and Directors of Ceremonies of all RA Chapters in the Region on Saturday, 11th February 2023 from 11:00 am to 12:30 PM at Freemasons Hall, Janpath, New Delhi. The Workshop will be followed by Lunch.

The venue of the Workshop for WMs/PZs/Secretaries/Scribe E/Treasurers will be at Masonic Temple set up for the Region’s Meeting in the Side Lawn. The Workshop for Lodge/Chapter DOCs will be at the Main Temple (1st floor).

The Workshop will cover all the aspects of the management and administration of a Lodge and the duties and responsibilities of the above- mentioned officers. There will be a Question & Answer session to help the participants to clarify any point and for better understanding of their role as Lodge officer.

All the WMs/PZs/Secretaries/Scribes E/DOCs of Craft/Chapter/Mark Lodges are requested to attend the Workshop as it will enrich their Masonic knowledge regarding administration of the Lodge and help them in discharging their role as Lodge officer in a better manner.


(Subhash Mahajan)
Regional Grand Secretary