RGL – 438(HYM)                                                                                         Dated: 29th May, 2024

Circular No.-5/2024


The Secretaries of all Craft Lodges in the Northern Region

Dear Sir & R/V/W.Bro,

I have the pleasure to inform you that the Half Yearly Meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India shall be held on Saturday the 14th September, 2024 and Sunday the 15th September, 2024 at The Mohali Club, Wyndham Hotel, phase II, Sector-65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar,Mohali, Punjab..

R.W.Bro. Sanjiv Gandhi, R.W. The Regional Grand Master of Northern India has appealed to all brethren to register themselves alongwith their spouses for this meeting. You are requested to kindly inform all the brethren of your Lodges about the Half Yearly Meetings and motivate them to register for the same at the earliest.

You are now required to print the details of the meeting in your summons till the September meeting.

The link of the website for online registration is as follows:


Brethren may be requested to register themselves online and mail the details by email on accounts@rglni.org or office@rglni.org

The programme of the Half Yearly Meetings of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India, registration charges, accommodation charges and other Bank details are attached with this circular.

With Fraternal Greetings

Subhash Mahajan

Regional Grand Secretary

Attached : Programme