RGL-252/2020                                                                                    Dated : 04.12.2020

Circular No.30


All Secretaries/ Scribe’Es of Craft Lodges/ Chapters of Northern Region

All Secretaries/ Scribes of Mark/ RAM Lodges of Northern Region


Dear Sir & RW Bro/VW Bro./ W.Bro.

Our past Regional Grand Master, RW Bro Baldev Nand,OSM was called to the Grand Lodge above on 27th November, 2020.

A condolence letter is attached.

All the Lodges/ Royal Ark Chapters/ R.A.M. Lodges should after opening the Lodge/ Chapter/ Mark/ R.A.M.  should read out the condolence letter and pay their respects to our past Regional Grand Master, RW Bro Baldev Nand, OSM.

Deeply mourned,

Ashok Sharma

Regional Grand Secretary

Annual Investiture Meeting of RGLNI

New Delhi, 10th & 11th February 2024

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