RGL – 416                                                                                        Dated: 19th October, 2023

Circular No.-23/2023

The Secretaries and Worshipful Masters of all Craft Lodges in the Northern Region

Dear Sir & R/V/W.Bro,

The Grand Lodge of India was consecrated on Friday the 24th November, 1961. On this occasion 145 existing lodges in the country were the founder lodges of the Grand Lodge. However, to assist the Grand Lodge of India for better administration and other related matter towards the freemason’s, four regions were formed to look after the work in its respective jurisdiction. Thus came the formation of the Regional Grand of Northern India with 49 Lodges on Monday the 27th November, 1961 with its headquarters in New Delhi, to assist the Grand Lodge of India for better administration of Freemasonry in the Northern Region.

The Regional Grand Lodge of N. I in the Meeting of Regional Board of General Purposes on 14th August, 2023 have decided to celebrate the formation of Regional Grand Lodge of N I on 1st Saturday of December every year with families of Brethren at your respective Lodges/Centres.

R W Bro Sanjiv Gandhi the Regional Grand Master of RGLNI appeal to Lodges/Centres to celebrate to commemorate the formation of Region on Saturday the 2nd December, 2023 with Brethren and their families.

On this occasion the Region will release a special issue of Bi-Monthly e-Newsletter ‘NORTHMASON’. Lodges/Centres/Brethren may sponsor the Newsletter and send the matter related to freemasonry in the Northern Region to RW Bro Subhash Chawla, Editor NORTHMASON or to the Region’s Office on or before 20th November, 2023. This Newsletter will be circulated to all the brethren of the Region.


Lodges           Full Page 1000/-      Half Page 500/- and    Bottom Strip 300/-

Brethren        Full Page 1000/-      Half Page 500/-

Others            Full page 2000/-


Looking forward to your active participation in this regard. You are requested to circulate this to all members of the Lodge.

With fraternal greetings and regards,

Subhash Mahajan

Regional Grand Secretary