RGL – 438(HYM)                                                                                         Dated: 10th July, 2023

Circular No.-16/2023

The Secretaries of all Craft/Mark Lodges in the Northern Region

The Scribe’e of all Chapters in the Northern Region

The Scribes of all RAM Lodges in the Northern Region

Dear Sir & R/V/W.Bro,

As you all are aware the Half Yearly Meetings of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India shall be held on Friday, the 15th September and Saturday, the 16th September, 2023 at HOTEL DIGGI PALACE, Shivaji Marg, Sawai Ram Singh Road, C Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302004, wherein the Long Term Service Jewel shall also be presented.

This is to inform you that applications for 25/40/50/60 or 70 years Long Term Service Jewels are invited, if any eligible candidate wants to receive the same during the Half Yearly Meetings.

Ø  Formalities to be completed in the application of Long Term Service Jewel :

  1. There should be uninterrupted membership of the Lodge/Chapter for a period of 25/40/50/60/70 years.
  2. Application can only be made in respect of a subscribing member for the requisite period either of a Daughter Lodge under the Grand Lodge or a Lodge under a recognized Grand Lodge.
  3. The application form should be signed by the Secretary/Scribe’E/Scribe and Worshipful Master/Mark Master /Principal ‘Z’/Worshipful Commander.
  4. ‘No Dues Certificate’ is to be attached along with application from each of the Lodge, where he is a member.       

You are requested to circulate this letter to all members of your Lodge for their information.

With fraternal greetings and regards,

Subhash Mahajan

Regional Grand Secretary