Secretaries of all Craft and Mark Lodges/ Scribe’Es of all R.A.Chapters  and Scribes of all R.A.M Lodges in Northern Region

Dear Sir & R/V/W/Bro/M/E/Comp.,

It has been observed that Lodges are taking Joining Member without obtaining No Dues Certificate from the members of their previous Lodges.

As per rule no. 138 (i) of the Book of Constitutions stating that:

“Before the ballot is taken the candidate must produce to the Secretary of the Lodge his Grand Lodge Certificate, and, in accordance with Rule 150, a certificate of good standing from each of the daughter Lodges of which he is a member to show that all dues have been paid, as well as a certificate from each of the daughter Lodges of which he has ceased to be a member, stating the circumstances in which he left the Lodge, and whether at that time all dues were paid, or have since been paid. If any of such Lodges has ceased to exist, and the candidate is not in possession of the necessary certificate, there shall be substituted a certificate from the Grand Secretary stating all relevant facts so far as they are known”.

RW The Regional Grand Master directs that rule no. 138 (i) of the Book of Constitution for joining members should be strictly followed i.e.,

  1. Ensure copy of the Grand Lodge Certificate is collected;
  2. Certificate for Good Standing from each Lodge, of which he has been a member;
  3. No dues certificate from each Lodge, of which the brother is a member.

With Greetings

Yours Fraternally

Ashok Sharma

Regional Grand Secretary/Scribe’E

Cc: Lodge/Chapter Incharges