RGL-525/2023-24                                                                                                   Dated: 19th May, 2023

Circular No. 07/2023


Secretaries of all Craft Lodges

Dear Sir and R/V/W/Brother,

Amrit Masonic Spastic Society, under the aegis of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India, is running Amrit Masonic Special School in Sector 29, Noida for children and young people who are physically and mentally challenged. There are about 50 students at present in the school. Most of these students are from poor families, education and training is provided to them free of cost or at very nominal charges and the operational costs of the school are met mainly by donation from Brethren and Lodges.

RW the Regional Grand Master RW Bro. Sanjiv Gandhi is the President and RW Bro Vishal Bakshi is the Secretary of Amrit Masonic Spastic Society.

Lodges are requested to organise a visit to the school and personally see the good work being carried for benefit of physically and mentally challenged children. Brethren visiting the school may carry some gifts or food items for the children. Brethren and Lodges can also adopt a child with annual contribution of Rs.30,000.

Brethren and Lodges who wish to visit the school are requested to contact RW Bro Vishal Bakshi (Mobile no. 9899345678, E-mail: veeshalbakshi@yahoo.com) at least three days in advance so that proper arrangements can be made.

You are requested to read this Circular in open Lodge and also circulate it to all the brethren.

With Fraternal Greetings

(Subhash Mahajan)

Regional Grand Secretary