RGL-525/2023-24                                                              Dated: 10th May, 2023

Circular No. 04/2023

All the Secretaries of Mark Lodges

All the Scribe of RAM Lodges

All the Scribe ‘E’ of R.A. Chapters

Dear W. Bro / E. Comp,

It has been observed that some of Lodges/Chapters are not sending the summons of its meeting regularly to the office of the Grand Lodge of India and Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India and its designated officers. Some even have not filed the Installation Return on E-Portal or Physically.

In the absence of the same it is difficult to keep the record of the officers of the Lodge/Chapter and to communicate with the proper person.

As sending the summons and filing of Installation return are the statutory requirements, you are advised to comply the requirement for proper coordination between the Lodges and Region.

With Greetings

(Subhash Mahajan)

Regional Grand Secretary