RGL-241/238                                                                                                                         Dated: 04th May, 2023

Circular No. 3/2023


All the Secretaries of Craft/Mark Lodges

All the Scribes of RAM Lodges

All the Scribe’E’s of RA Chapters


Dear Sir & R/V/W/Bro.,

RW The Regional Grand Master have suspended the following brethren under rule no. 67 of the Book of Constitution for various charges of Masonic impropriety vide his letter dated April 13, 2023 till further order

1. V W Bro. Dr. R.K. Banta Lodge Chandigarh No.241
2. W Bro. Dr. S.P.Bedi —–Do—–
3. W Bro. Mr. Devender Kaushal —–Do—–
4. W Bro. Bhupinder Marwah —–Do—–
5. R W Bro. C.P.S Sahni Lodge Chandimandir No.238
6. W Bro. Dheeraj Nanda —–Do—–
7. R W Bro. Kulwant Singh —–Do—–
8. W Bro. Gurkripal Singh —–Do—–
9. Bro. Sukhpal Singh Mangat —–Do—–

During the period of their suspension, they will not be entitled to any privileges derived as a member of a Craft/Mark/RAM Lodges and RA Chapters. They are not permitted to attend the meetings of the Craft Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of India, RA Chapters/Mark & RAM Lodges and the Regional Grand Lodges/Regional Chapters/Regional Grand Mark Lodges under the Jurisdiction of Grand Lodge/Supreme Grand Chapter of India/ Grand Mark Master Masons of India.

Yours Fraternally.

Subhash Mahajan

R.W. The Regional Grand Secretary

Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India