RGL-525/2021                                                              Dated: 6th January, 2021

Circular No.32


All the Secretaries of Craft Lodges

Subject : Handing over records and registers of the Lodge

Dear Sir & R/V/W/Bro.,

Please refer to the clause no. 62 (d) of the Bye Laws of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India against which all the Lodges within 14 days of the Installation of the Master, the newly Installed Master and the outgoing Master or the officer incharge of the Lodge are required to jointly submit to the Regional Grand Secretary a certificate, in token of the fact that all registers and other records of the Lodge have been handed over by the retiring Master or the officer last in charge of the Lodge and received by the newly Installed Master.

Kindly send us the copy of this certificate of your last installation and in case the Installation is being done in the present month i.e., January, 2021 then the latest certificate may also be sent.

With Greetings

Ashok Sharma

Regional Grand Secretary