RGL-525/2024                                                                Dated: 11th January, 2024

Circular No.29/2023-24

All the Secretaries of Craft Lodges

Dear Sir & R/V/W/Bro.,

Every Lodge is required to prepare annual statements of accounts and get it audited, present the same in the Lodge within three months from the end of financial year and thereafter to file a copy of the same with the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India as well as with the Grand Lodge of India as per the provisions of Rule 129 of the Book of Constitution as well as under Rule No.62(g) of Bye-laws of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India.

However, it has been noted that quite a number of Lodges are not following the provision of Book of Constitution and the Bye-Laws of the Region and as such did not file the copy of accounts with the Region regularly.

All the Lodges are required to follow to the Rules and Bye-laws strictly.

All are advised to submit the audited statement of the Lodge immediately, if not already filed.

(Subhash Mahajan)

Regional Grand Secretary