RGL-499/2023                                                                                     Dated 22nd December, 2023

Circular No.28/2023


The Secretaries and Worshipful Masters of all Craft lodges in the Northern Region.

Rule No. 87 of the Book of Constitution has been amended with regard to the qualification for the election of the Worshipful Master of the Craft Lodges. The amended Rule shall be effective from 01.01.2024.

The abstract of the Rule 87 is reproduced herewith as under:

“Every Master Elect, including a Brother nominated to be the first Master of a new Lodge must also be a subscribing member of a Royal Arch Chapter under the Supreme Grand Master of India and a subscribing member of a Mark Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of India, unless specially exempted from this qualification by a Dispensation from the Grand Master”.

In our earlier circular no. 26/2023 dated 7th November, 2023 it has inadvertently been typed as “the amended rule now states that the master Elect to be installed as Worshipful Master of the Craft Lodge after 1.1.2024 must be a member of Chapter & Mark Masonic degrees”.

The said earlier circular may be treated as withdrawn.

Subhash Mahajan

Regional Grand Secretary