RGL-62/525                                                                             Dated: 20th June, 2022

Circular No. 55/2022


All the Secretaries of Craft Lodges

Dear Sir & R/V/W/Bro.,

The following brethren of Lodge Siwalik Dr. Durga Prasad No. 62 were served notices under Rule No. 124 of Book of Constitutions for non-payment of dues upto year 2021 but have not cleared their dues till date.

S.No. Name Lodge
1 Bro. Anil Rathore Lodge Siwalik Dr. Durga Prasad No. 62
2 Bro. Kanti Kumar —–Do—–
3 Bro. Vineet Gupta —–Do—–

Their Lodge has ceased them from the membership of the Lodge.

In line with Rule No. 124 of Book of Constitutions, these brethren cease to be a member of all Lodges recognized under the Grand Lodge of India. This fact may be read in the second rising of the next meeting of your Lodges.

With Greetings

Subhash Mahajan

Regional Grand Secretary