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Lodge Independence Philanthropy No. 2 ( Allahabad)

                   Lodge Independence Philanthropy No. 2 is
                                                                                                   situated in 2B, Kuchery Road, Allahabad. It is
                                                                                                   the oldest operational Lodge. It was
                                                                                           consecrated in the year 1828. This Lodge was
                                                                                           warranted on 26th August, 1828. It has a history of
                                                                                           almost 200 years and the building and the temple are
                                                                                           heritage building. They are also maintaining the
                                                                                           museums which have records of 1857. Antiques are
                                                                                           also displayed in the museum. In 2005 the Lodge was
                                                                                           reconstructed by 10 members of the Lodge. Many
                                                                                           prominent members of this Lodge are Rudyard
                                                                                           Kipling, Pandit Moti Lal Nehru and other dignitaries
                                                                                           who had been active members of the Lodge. Besides
                                                                                           the activities the lodge has some charitable projects
                                                                                           and the Masonic Charitable Dispensary since last
more than 53 yearsin the premises of the lodge which distributes free homeopathic medicines to the poor people. The oldest
furnitures which are present in the Lodge are more than 200 years old. They meet on every 2nd Friday except June and the
installation is held in the month of December.

                                Lodge Hope No. 4 Meerut

Lodge Hope No. 4 is situated in Roorkee Road, Meerut. This lodge was consecrated on 28th May,1833 and waarant
       was on 25th May,1833.The regular meeting of this lodge takes place on 1st Saturday of every month and installation
       takes place in month of March. This lodge was consecrated on a warrant issued by Prince Augustus Fredrick of
Brunswick, Lunenburgh, Duke of Susssex, Earlof Inverness,Baven of Applew ,Knight of the most nobel order of the greater
Grand Master of the Most Ancient and Honourable fraternity of free and accepted Masons of England in the year 1833 at the
humble petition of the beloved Brethren George Playfair, John Samuel Marshell, James Rodgers, J.Harcourt, Robert J khox,
J.Hunter,Edward Campbell under the little denomination of "The Hope Lodge"No.596 in the province of Bengal.

                                                                                                                                     Courtesy W Bro. Ajit Ranhotra
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