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July 2019

Annual Festival - Feb. 2019

With unprecedented registration of more than 1200              Another highlight of the Festival was that M. W. The Grand
Masons, the ceremony of installation of R. W. Bro. Anish       Master was pleased to bestow the highest Masonic Honor,
Kumar Sharma was held as a very colorful and glittering        "ORDER OF SERVICE TO MASONRY" on very deserving R. W.
occasion on 23rd and 24th Feb. 2019 at Freemason Hall,         Bro. Zawareh H. Wadia.
New Delhi.
M. W. The Grand Master, M. W. Bro. Rajiv R. Khandelwal         Attendance of Ladies was unparalleled and Festivities were
installed R. W. Bro. A K. Sharma in the Craft , Chapter and    appreciated by one and all. All Committees functioned
Mark in these two days. Luminaries in the persons of M. W.     meticulously and all visiting Masons had a Great and Gala
Bro. H. P. Mathur, M. W. Bro. D.D. Udeshi, M.W. Bro. Justice   time.
Davender Gupta and M. W. Bro. Dr. Capt. Prof. Biswa Kumar
graced the Occasion. All the four Regional Grand Masters
attended the Ceremony.


The Masonic Fraternity from Ludhiana organized an Area         An LIC policy was issued in favour of the only son of Hav. Jaimal who
meeting on the 5th of May from the surrounding areas           lost his life in the Pulwama attack. This is an Education Linked Policy
wherein 21 Lodges were represented.                            wherein the Child will receive about Rs 5 Lacs when he will join
                                                               Class 8.
M. W. The Grand Master, M. W. Bro Rajiv Khandelwal and R. W.
the RGM R W Bro Anish Sharma presented 50 years, 40 years
and 25 years LTS Jewels.

There was warm fellowship and dinner on the 4th evening.

The dignitaries were very impressed and emotional when they
went to see the Masonic Bal Bhawan, a " Day Care Centre " for
the children of Women Prisoners in the Central Jail of

                                                                                   A Dozen Bicycles were donated to Girl Students of remote areas in
                                                                                   near by place Nangal . Similarly the Masonic Ladies Association of
                                                                                   Ludhiana have also adopted a primary school in Nangal and take
                                                                                   care of all their needs of Uniforms, Stationery and upkeep of the

Rest of the charity projects got under way with the rendering of
Ardaas and lighting the traditional Lamp at the Free Masons'
Hall, Ludhiana.
11 sets of Artificial Limbs and a Tricycle were presented
to the less fortunate. R. W. Bro. Major C D Soi , the chief
architect of the project spoke about these Activities.

                                                                                   A stair lift for the elderly to reach the Temple of 1st floor was
                                                                                   inaugurated by M. W. the Grand Master . R W the RGM announced
                                                                                   a support of Rs. 1 lac for the charitable projects and Rs. 11000 each
                                                                                   were contributed by the RGL and GLI to the Masonic Ladies

                                                                                                                                  Courtesy RW Bro. Aman Soi
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