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July 2019

List of New Initiates from February

S.No. Name & Lodge No.                  S.No. Name & Lodge No.                  S.No. Name & Lodge No.

1. Bro.Puru Aggarwal                    12. Bro.Ram Roop Meena                  23. Bro. Garrett Robert Marold Greenlee
         Imperial No.96                          Triune Brotherhood No.42                King Solomon No.389

2. Bro.J.K.Manocha                      13. Bro.Himanshu Upadhyay               24. Bro.Harish Pal Kumar
         Industry No.23                          Triune Brotherhood No.42                King Solomon No.389

3. Bro.Ravinder Kumar Rawat             14. Bro.Santosh Kr.Vaish                25. Bro. Arvind Bhardwaj
         Industry No.23                          Indraprastha No.124                     Anchor No.455

4. Bro. Vedant Sood                     15. Bro.Umesh Kr.Rastogi                26. Bro.Sachin Kumar Bansal
         Swarn Jayanti No.312                    Indraprastha No.124                     Anchor No.455

5. Bro.Ankur Dhawan                     16. Bro.Tarun Nagpal                    27. Bro.G.Ananda Selvam
         Raja No.438                             Swaran Jayanti No.312                   Triune Brotherhood No.42

6. Bro.Gaurav Tej                       17. Bro.J.M.Kalia                       28. Bro.Ramkesh Meena
         Raja No.438                             Industry No.23                          Triune Brotherhood No.42

7. Bro. Kamal Talwar                    18. Bro.Dr.Hardev Ramdeep Singh Grin    29. Bro.Niket Singhal
                                                                                         Hope No.4
         Maharaja No.311                         Vishwakarma No.173
                                                                                30. Bro.Rakesh Mohan Agarwal
8. Bro. Satyendra Kumar                 19. Bro.Harkanwarpreet Singh Bindra              Hope No.4
         St. John the Evangelist No.22           Vishwakarma No.173
                                                                                31. Bro.Akash Jain
9. Bro.Nitin Dewan                      20. Bro.Sahil Jain                               Hope No.4
         St. John the Evangelist No.22           Mayur No.333
                                                                                32. Bro.Alok Rastogi
10. Bro.Mudit Jalan                     21. Bro.Ravinder Singh Sethi                     Hope No.4
         Dr.Gaur Hari Singhania No.391           Raisina Hill No.322

11. Bro.Samuel Sarkar                   22. Bro.Arun K. Berry
         Dr.Gaur Hari Singhania No.391           Raisina Hill No.322

                                        Entered Apprentice Quiz

1. What are the "Three Great Lights" of the Lodge?                              4. Why is the Entered Apprentice placed in the
     a. The light over the Masters Seat, the Gavel, the                              corner of the Lodge?
            Holy Scriptures                                                          a. To signify that he has begun his Masonic life
                                                                                     b. For the Lodge to observe him
     b. The Holy Scriptures, Square and Compass                                      c. Because it is close to the Worshipful Master
     c. The Square, Altar and Holy Scriptures                                        d. To teach a lesson in Charity
     d. The Square, Compass and Worshipful Master

2. What do the " Three Lesser Lights" represent?                                5. What are the principle working tools of an Entered
     a. The Square, Compass and the Holy Bible                                       Apprentice?
     b. The Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior                                      a. The Square and Compass
           Wardens                                                                    b. The Level and the Plumb
     c. The Sun, Moon and the Worshipful Master                                       c. The Gavel and the Square
     d. The three lights by the Altar                                                 d. The Gavel and the Twenty-Four Inch Gauge

3. What is a Cable-Tow?                                                         RESULTS WILL APPEAR IN THE NEXT ISSUE. FIRST
     a. A tow rope to pull a car                                                TWO ALL CORRECT ANSWERS WILL GET A TOKEN
     b. A cord worn by the Candidate                                            PRIZE EACH.
     c. An infant's umbilical cord
     d. The knocks to gain admission to the Lodge

                                                                     From the Editor's Desk ...........

The Editor ....................................................................................................................... is ecstatic.

Thanks to R Wor the Regional Grand Master for reposing his Trust in me          My sincere Thanks to R Wor Bro Bhuvesh Pasricha and R Wor Bro
and my team in the Editorial Board. We have tried to fill in all the            Thomas Philip for their total support to me in this endeavour. R Wor Bro
important events of the First Quarter as far as possible. If any such event is  Madhvan Chakravarthy and R Wor Bro Satish Kapoor , as Advisors are
missing, the concerned Lodges are requested to send their Reports which can     always there to guide us.
be included in the next issue. Any Original piece on Free Masonry , be it
Informative , Humour or of interest to the Masons, will be most Welcome.        Editor : R Wor Bro Suman Kapur
                                                                                Co Editor : R Wor Bro Bhuvesh Pasricha
Your Region has begun the year with a bang and the RGM has very wide            Member : R Wor Bro Thomas Philip
vision. Lets all support him in the noble cause and take RGL odf N.I. to        Advisors : R Wor Bro Madhvan Chakravarthy
greater Heights.
                                                                                               : R Wor Bro Satish Kapoor
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