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July 2019

The highlight of the evening was the felicitation of the          total of 45 non-masons/masons registered out of whom 24
recipients of 60 years' and 50 years' LTS jewels residing in New  were found eligible and donated the blood. It was a perfect
Delhi. Thereafter the MSL Trophies & certificates were            finale to the 2019 celebrations of the Universal Brotherhood
presented to the winners and contributors for the 7th Season      Day which saw the Masons in Delhi celebrate, practice and
of the MSL Cricket Tournament, the 1st Golf Extravaganza and      enjoy the Masonic Brotherhood.
the 1st MSL TT Tournament. In the later part of the evening the
ladies and brethren were treated to melodious songs                                                    Courtesy RW Bro. Puneet Sohal
presented by the brethren & ladies, Dilli 6 kichaat (courtesy -
Lodges & brethren of QudsiaBagh), refreshments and dinner.

Blood donation camp by the members of Lodge St John the
Evangelist No 22 has become a regular feature of the UBD
Celebrations every year. The Lodge organised the 25th Blood
Donation Camp in collaboration with the India Red Cross. A

UBD 2019 Celebrations in Kanpur

1. Blood donation was done by brethren on 23rd June. A total      2. 250 Hygiene Kit were distributed to the patients in Ursula
of 53 units was given by Masons and few family members.           Hospital-a government Hospital to create awareness about
Young Masons actively participated and senior brethren were       hygiene as habit. It contained tooth brush, toothpaste, soaps,
also present. A bottle of BEL Sherbat was given by RW             towels, talcum powder in a bag.
Bro.R.K.Agarwal to all blood donors. This sherbat was made by
self-help women group at Khwagjipur school at Bithoor. The        3. Food was served from outside the Lodge premises to 2000
snacks were arranged for all present.                             poor persons by the brethren to the poor--it included rickshaw
                                                                  pullers, labors, some beggars and poor passers by and their
                                                                  family members. The programme lasted for 2 hrs.

                                                                  4. Sherbat was served to 5000 persons separately from
                                                                  another booth to ward off heat to the janta.

                                                                  5. An evening Dinner to celebrate the UBH day was held.RW
                                                                  Bro.Rajiv Soni gave gifts to all ladies present. Brethren of Lodge
                                                                  Shah Jai rotary sponsored the gifts for ladies games.

Masonic Eye Centre

Brethren would be pleased and proud to know that at               The Masonic Eye Centre is being built on the 3rd
the time of his Installation, our RGM had set a target            Floor of the General Williams Masonic Polyclinic. The
of constructing a Masonic Eye Centre and within a                 key objects of the centre is to provide affordable and
space of 7 months this dream will come true! Hats off             professional eye care to the less fortunate of society.
to the Regional Team.

                           Lodge Harminder Sahib No. 170

Lodge Harminder Sahib No. 170, Jalandhar Cantt.
joined Shri Ram Sewak Mandal Jalandhar, in a project
for distribution of summer Dressed and School Bags to
100 School Students from different educational
Institutions on Sunday, the 28th April, 2019. Worshipful
Master W. Bro Puniyatam Kohli alongwith W.Bro. J.C.
Kohli, W.Bro. Parveen Ahuja and W. Bro. J.L. Naagar
attended the function.

Members of Shri Ram Sewak Mandal Welcomed the
Brethren of the Lodge alongwith Mrs. Sonika Kohli, first
lady of the Lodge at the project. It remained a very
successful event. Lodge contributed Rs. 2,100/-
towards the service project.
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