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July 2019

 From the Regional Grand Master                                     From The Grand Master’s Desk

Dear Brethren,                                                    My Dear Brethren,

I am happy and pleased to know that after                         It gives me immense pleasure to learn
so many years, we have restarted the                              that Regional Grand Lodge of Northern
publication of our quarterly magazine                             India is reviving the North Mason
“North Mason”. I congratulate                                     quarterly magazine to highlight
R.W.Bro.Suman Kapur, Chief Editor,                                Masonic activities undertaken by the
R.W.Bro.Bhuvesh Pasricha and other                                Regional Grand Lodge and Lodges under
members of editorial team for the initiative                      its jurisdiction. This is yet another
taken. I am also thankful to R.W.Bro.                             feather in the cap of RW Bro Anish Kumar Sharma, who
C.S.Madhavan, for consenting to be the advisor to Editorial       has undertaken so many laudable initiatives ever since he
Board. The purpose of this magazine is to keep our brethren       took charge as Regional Grand Master of the Region in
well informed about the activities of various Lodges of the       February this year.
Region, provide history of individual Lodges and publish
articles to impart Masonic Knowledge to our brethren.             Communication is an integral part of our social life especially
                                                                  in the era of digital world in which we live today and must be
My brethren, starting from the great response from you for        promoted at all levels. I hope that North Mason magazine will
the Annual Installation Meeting of our Region on 23rd             bring the Lodges and the Brethren of the Region closer to
February, 2019, we took various steps to activate our Lodges      each other through dissemination of information.
and brethren and I am personally grateful to you all for great
and enthusiastic response. Following activities were              I also take this opportunity to request the Editorial Board to
undertaken in first quarter:                                      not only highlight the activities of the Region but also
                                                                  encourage Brethren to write articles based on research in
1. Masonic Eye Centre: Brethren, enthused by your                 Freemasonry.
contribution of Rs. 42 Lakhs for the Masonic Eye Centre, the
work has started in full speed. Total cost of the project is      I congratulate the Regional Grand Master and the Editorial
conceived at Rs. 1.90 Crores. Out of which Grand Lodge has        Board and wish them all the success in this endeavour.
sanctioned a sum of Rs.50 Lakhs out of Grand Lodge Fund of
Benevolence. We are sincerely grateful to M.W.Bro.Rajeev          Lodge Dronacharya No.285 covering various aspects of
Ramkrishna Khandelwal, OSM, M. W. the Grand Master,               Initiation Ceremony to enable the brethren to recapitulate
R.W.Bro.Zawareh H.Wadia, OSM, Chiairman, Finance                  and understand the working of their initiations and also give a
Committee and all the members of Grand Board for their            glimpse of what we do inside the Temple by explaining various
assistance to the Nobel Cause. The work for the development       charges in short to the Ladies present.
of the project is going ahead in full swing and our target is to
get this Masonic Eye Centre inaugurated from M.W.The Grand        7. Besides activating Delhi Lodge of Instructions, we are
Master on 20th September, 2019 a day before our Half Yearly       planning to inaugurate two “Moving Lodges of Instructions”
Meeting at Agra.                                                  in Ludhiana and Kanpur to impart Ritual working Training to
                                                                  the brethren of Punjab, Chandigarh and Kanpur, Allahabad
2. During this period Mark Lodge Saragarhi No.11 and              and Lucknow in the month of August and September.
R.A.M. Lodge Sir John Edge No.11 at Ludhiana which were
non-functional for the last several years were activated and      8. On 24th June, 2019 , all our centres celebrated “Universal
Chapter Ayodhya No. 59 lying defunct for several years was        Brotherhood Day” by doing various Charitable Projects and
activated and relocated at Moradabad.                             fellowship dinners, I appreciate the participation of our
                                                                  brethren in large number in all these activities.
3. Workshop for Worshipful Masters, Secretaries and
Treasurers of the Lodges in the Region was conducted by           Brethren, I am happy and proud of the brethren of my Region
R.W. Bro. Vinod Puri for which keynote address was given by       for creating positive atmosphere and active participation in
M.W. Bro.Rajeev R. Khandelwal, OSM, M. W. The Grand               all activities. I seek your advice and suggestions for further
Master.                                                           improvement in our working.

4. Work shop of ARGM's and Lodge In Charges was organized         My Brethren, our other Masonic orders under Grand Lodge of
to brief them about their role.                                   India viz R.A. Chapter, Mark Lodges and R.A.M Lodges are
                                                                  excellent orders and I exhort all of you who are not members
5. Area meeting in Ludhiana was a great success in which –        of these orders to join them at your earliest. Hereafter while
Long Term Service Jewels were presented by M.W. the Grand         issuing Regional/Grand Ranks beyond a stage, your
Master and various charitable projects undertaken. A              membership of these orders will be Prime Criteria.
detailed report is published in this issue.
                                                                                                                 Anish Kumar Sharma
6. A dinner meeting of worshipful Masters and Initiates of
their Lodges in last one year along with their spouses of Delhi
Area was held on 27.05.2019 in which was attended by about
100 brethren. A paper was presented by W.Bro.Rajan Rai of
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